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Welcome to Sinobabble, an online resource of free, educational content designed to make China easy to navigate and inspiring to learn about.

I’m a UK-based PhD graduate who has studied and lived in China over the course of seven years. As an aspiring historian and teacher, I created Sinobabble as a project to articulate and share what I have learnt with anyone interested in knowing more about China’s history and its impact on modern China.

Sinobabble currently produces:

  • A history podcast surveying China's 20th century (Listen 

  • A modern China podcast discussing Chinese social and political news (Listen

  • Teaching guides for Chinese history, suitable for GCSE, A Level, and IB courses (coming soon)

Sinobabble is produced so that it’s easy to understand, relaxing to listen to, and most importantly of all, genuinely interesting. I encourage you to explore and learn with Sinobabble, and give me feedback and suggestions for what you want to know and how I can improve making Chinese history interesting for you.

If you're interested in supporting the Sinobabble project, please check out my Buy Me a Coffee page for more information!



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